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Bible Study Tools

Are you learning more about your faith -- or are you simply relying on knowledge acquired when you were a youngster?  Many adults are tempted to abandon their faith, simply because even though they have grown up, their faith has not.  That's the purpose of this website -- to provide you with a listing and reviews of some of the most important Christian study resources today.

One of the most essential Bible study tools for any Christian are Bible commentaries. These are books -- in some cases many volumes published as a set -- which attempt to interpret and apply the message of the Bible.  Bible commentaries are an essential resource because the original documents of the Bible were written millennia ago, in cultures and time periods that have long disappeared.  Without the vital information that Bible commentaries provide, it is possible to misinterpret the meaning of the biblical texts. To help you in selecting Bible commentaries, we have provided an informative article on the subject.

Bible Study Tools

As people progress in their understanding of the Bible, they invariably take an interest in the original languages in which the Bible was written -- and even though it is not possible for every Bible student to pursue in-depth academic training in biblical languages, there are nevertheless many excellent Bible language study books which will help you to acquire at least a basic working knowledge of these languages.  Because most Christians know very little about this subject, we have provided another article on our site that will give you some recommendations on resources that you can use as a beginning student of Bible languages.

One of the most important -- yet controversial -- areas of study in the Christian faith has to do with Christian theology and doctrine.  Nearly every denomination and sect may have its own distinctive doctrines -- yet there is a common core to the faith that is shared by believers everywhere.  If you are interested in improving your understanding of doctrine and Christian theology, you will want to read over our article on this subject.

I don't know about you, but I just love to read history -- especially the history of the Christian Church.  The stories of those who have come before us and who have lived faithful lives are truly inspiring.  As you might expect, the study of the history of the Christian Church is a fascinating one, and to help you in selecting some good books we have a separate article devoted solely to church history resources -- I highly recommend your perusal of it.

All Bible students need to have a library that they can consult to research important facts and from which to draw vital information.  A key resource is a Bible Encyclopedia.  These Bible encyclopedias are often massive in their scope -- they present, in an organized fashion -- page after page of information about Bible times and customs, important historical periods and persons.  They are an absolute essential for the library of any Christian home or school -- and every church should have a set as well.  To help you check out our article on Bible encyclopedias.

Another important Bible study resource is a Bible dictionary.  Arranged much like a typical English dictionary, it contains valuable entries which will help you to learn the proper pronunciation of obscure biblical words, will provide information on important Biblical persons and summaries of various books of the Bible as well as its important teachings.  There are a vast number of Bible dictionaries being published today -- and to help you we have also included an up-to-date article on this subject as well.

Locating vital information in the Bible can be a very daunting task, as the Bible is an extremely large group of writings.  Bible concordances help us to locate important Bible references, by indexing every verse that contains a particular Bible word.  These entries are listed alphabetically, and when you use a Bible concordance you can quickly assemble a list of Bible references on just about any subject.  Again, there are a wide variety of Bible concordances available and in our article on this subject we outline some of the very best, so be sure to take some time to read it.

Rounding out our website we have two additional articles: One of them deals with the subject of Bible study software.  These innovative and powerful programs effortlessly install on most people's computers.  These applications truly harness the power of the personal computer -- yet there are many different Bible study software programs available today.  Click on the following link for bible study software reviewsWhich one should you choose?  To help you decide which one will be best for you, we have put together a bible study software guide. This one is must reading for all technically-minded Christians.

Finally, we realize that persons of faith often times study in a group situation -- so we have provided an informative and up-to-date article that deals with the subject of group Bible study guides and curriculum.  As you might expect, there are a huge number of publishers of this type of material, and the quality can vary immensely.  To save you some time -- as well as wasted money -- we mention some of the best ones that we know of in our article.

I'll bring this introduction to a close by saying that everything on our website is meant to benefit you - the site visitor.  We hope, and sincerely believe, that you will find the information relevant to your needs.  All that we ask is that if you find this site has helped you, that perhaps you would recommend it to your friends in the faith.  If you do - that will be reward enough for us.  God bless you as you attempt to learn more about God -- and His Word.